Essays to a Swan


A friendly nod – Shasa, 25 Mar 2017
On looking back to my time in Bellevue in Nov 2013

there I was alone in a new nation
chock full of ideas and needing validation
the people there took a genuine interest
chatting me up and sharing the best

of what they’d learnt in that wondrous place
seemingly blessed and full of grace
an artist there was who painted
and taught with a fire unsated

Dear Brian it was who played
songs from another lifetime that stayed
etched in my mind for all time
a reminder that all I heard was sublime

Martin and Nick there were
friends with a lonely campfire
and little Brandy to give us her chi
for the dragons and unicorns that be

Murph and Gary shared much
for they made me say thanks a bunch
my entire trip was fine and dandy
last to give me a nod was Randy

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