Essays to a Swan


Shasa, 6 Aug 2017
A tribute to books, movies and songs.

be careful of The Company You Keep *1
rather than at lifes end you sit and weep
for in that War of Wrath by the Valar was lost
many things that should not have come to aught

Cortlandt *3 was dynamited by its creator
for Altruism *4 he didn’t feel was better
than a construct of Niggle in whose Parish
was built and consecrated a fervent wish

that all things bright and beautiful
should live in Yavanna’s *5 land of thrill
where nature would fashion and become
like the Eden in What Dreams May Come *6

At Kirrin Island *7 we found a joy springing like a fount
that would in later days come back to haunt
us for we amidst the rat race had lost our Voice
in the Wilderness *8 faced with little choice

but to rediscover the Flame Imperishable *9
set in the heart of every man able
to Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun *10
and with Agape *11, set our souls to Burn *12

*1 – Movie by Robert Redford
*2 – Last chapter of the Quenta Silmarillion
*3 and 4 – The Fountainhead which reveres the Individual over misapplied Altruism
*5 – Tolkien’s Goddess of Nature
*6 – Movie of Robin Williams
*7 – From Enid Blyton’s Famous Five Series
*8 – Song by Cliff Richard
*9 – Again, from Tolkien’s Ainulindale
*10 – Pink Floyd Song
*11 – Agape – the love that consumes, Paulo Coelho
*12 – Song by Jo Dee Messina

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