Essays to a Swan


Shasa, 26 Jul 2017

it happened once before
love came to reanimate my soul
the days blurred into a corridor
of light and you constantly at my side

fierce this love a thing to behold
lift me it did from my inanimate stupor
high I rode on a magic carpet
my heart daring to dream again

the thought of you filled my days
I couldn’t sleep without kissing your picture
my elation crested my confidence waxed
I tried hard to impress you with my humanity

a careless word a thoughtless deed
and I alone to face lifes drabbiness
I was beside myself with grief at the thought
that love so pure and pristine could come to aught

now I look back to the past
spent in spirit but not wistful
for the next time I shall savour with care
every moment that two lovers can share

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