Essays to a Swan


The Path to God – Shasa, Sun 12 March 2017

The path from you to God is not measured in inches,
but on a very subtle shift. A movement
in yoga (union), paved with equanimity
a certain cessation of the lower instincts

and a far-reaching sweep towards the divinity within.
For closer he is to you than your own heart.
The kernel hid under a sheath of bliss.
This path towards Him is not

strewn with gold and jewels, but rather
with flowers and leaves
laid on a bed of mud.
A mud so fertile as to yield

an entire forest of the most verdant green,
for it is here that the trees grow tall and vast,
akin in majesty to its ancestors
who grew at an earlier time

in places untouched by human hands.
The foliage parts to reveal
a path not hewn but natural
to guide the traveller to his journeys end.

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