Essays to a Swan


Shasa, Nov 2016

Who sets my heart awhirl
with a clear conscience
steeped in secrets of the cosmos
and a smile of pure glee

time we have not together
but the spaces between our meetings
are filled not with wistfulness but the embodied presence of the other
and the certitude that that someone loves us deeply

and when we meet, its like an eruption of happiness
snatched moments spent in pure ecstasy
an eagerness our hearts could barely contain
thirsting with the need to be close

babbling out our dreams and fears
soothed by the presence of that eternal love
which radiates from the body of the other
giving our own dreams flight

in ages forgotten we used to walk hand in hand
in glades and besides streams
for this sort of love can only
have developed over lifetimes together

but here and now is all we have
in which to express
that feeling of closeness and synergy
an act of love, compelling, intimate, eternal

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