Essays to a Swan


Shasa, 15 Dec 2016

To tell us the whys and hows of the world
helping us learn the ways of nature and science
Inspiring us to study more and become
doctors, artists, poets and philosophers.

Filling our childhood memories
with lessons learnt in a home away from home
Giving wings to our dreams
and allaying our concerns and our fears

Embracing us with your love so soft and gentle
helping us throw off our inhibitions
and grow into strong and capable persons
well knit into a community of the young and dynamic

This brotherhood of yore we join at your behest
as worthy warriors forerunning the future world
amidst this fascinating journey we call life
inspired to live by others of your stature and grace

Amazed by your innate ability to impress
a generation full of bold explorers and statesmen
you mould some of us into teachers
to continue this cycle of endless love and toil

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