Essays to a Swan


Sivam (Mahakala)

For My Grandfather MS Sivaraman
Shasa, 23 July 2017

dieties abound in this land where I hail from
foremost is Sivam with Shakti * 1 beside him
Woodroffe * 2 studied the tantras, discovering their nature
deep within us they resonate guiding the theatre

terrible her form in the aspect of Kali *3
numerous her devotees, serving her gladly
blue became his throat, as he drank some poison
to save us from an uncouth world devoid of all reason

King and Queen of time for that the meaning of Kalam * 4
Time in whose webs we find all things great and small
stern on the outside but inside aglow with love
that keeps us from faltering as we tread the path to them

they are the buds from which springs this world
of Sur and Asur *5 locked together
fighting until their sinews are taut
teaching us lessons so lovingly wrought

reveal themselves they do to a few
seers and saints in every hue
to instill in us a sense of direction
to stay the course and aid in the travails of Creation

*1 – Siva and Shakti, the 2 primal forces (Yin/Yang)
*2 – Sir John Woodroffe, author of Garland of Letters, Serpent Power and Shakti and Shakta.
*3 – Kali – Goddess – She brings the death of the ego as the illusory self-centered view of reality
*4 – Kalam – time
*5 – Sur and Asur – Asura (Titan) and Sur(God)

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