Essays to a Swan


Stormy – Shasa, 2 Oct 2017 – for Richard Bach

Stubborn you are to fate’s every nudge
But strive those angels shall for they shant budge
Or flinch from the task of bringing us together
Oh wonderful love to have in any kind of weather

What shall we do to ground these children
Teaching them what it is to be a global citizen
Open their hearts to the glee of boundless flight
Supporting them so dearly with all of our might

Richard came to show us the way from within
What more fearless bird than that one in a million
Shall we give him the epithet of lion hearted
Living his way lest our dreams be thwarted

Why worry about food when we can take flight
Dance in the sky amidst clouds on a starlit night
Pushing ourselves to wrest the most and live
Win the sun with its splendour; find a way to give

forward all the learnings we gleaned by following
With all our hearts the myriad paths that sing
Out to us to follow their mellifluous ways
Oh life, that leaves us in such a wondrous daze

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