Essays to a Swan


Shasa, Mon, 7 Aug 2017

strife means conflict but striving, courageous battle
a resolve to wrest the most from life and whittle
away at each offered experience until
from each happening its essence we distil

that other ideal of tenacity we try to achieve
a commitment to stay the course and conceive
of things magnificent that come from a rich past
a time unremembered but built to last

why not give up when pressured you may ask
alas its only when we persevere do we do the task
we learn from our mistakes and try to make
fewer ones as from this pregnant life we take

things big and small that can make our hearts thrill
a new tomorrow we shape with our resolve and will
a testament to the ages the secrets of life we learn
a joy to behold, an ennobling prize we earn

in striving we find we’ve grown, our hearts widening,
our minds reaching to the far galaxies glimmering
we trace a smile, a guttural laugh brings us back to this
empassioned life in whose meaning we must find bliss

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