Essays to a Swan


Teeming With Life – Shasa, 12 March 2017

Sometimes it calls upon our hearts to step
away from the bustle and humdrum
and awaken that silent builder within us
who knows the need of the hour

and renders every hurdle to progress
to a quiet dissolution in the cauldron of life.
Reshape we do, that stream of activity
around us until the possibility of greatness

is achieved and we’ve made something special.
Fashioned by our hands, guided by
that divine craftsman who waits patiently
for His designs to become fully wrought.

For carefully laid were His plans
and us only the instrument of his execution.
Push us forward he did to build
better and better things, labouring

in timeless halls where we learned
to intuit His every whim,
until we’d built an entire community
of souls simply teeming with life.

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