Essays to a Swan


Shasa, 15th July 2017


Tether – SS – vocals only – cut1

every time I look at you*1 I see the world in a different light
my heart beats aflutter, it happens day and night *2
pray fervently that love comes to us all
in clear skies or a stormy squall

in days gone by I built an image of love in my head
and now I find im missing… missing you instead
what hope for a dream that we may meet at last
a lifetime beside you I pray to you come fast

a pretty girl I saw and wondered would you be like her
a girl to ride besides in sun or stormy weather
at night my chest expands and i think nobody loves you like I do *3.
so come quick and let’s ride along the open road us two

calm and reposed battling our travails together
amidst life’s designs in hope for a glimmer
of love to enrapture and make us meld into one
two hearts beating together, that prize we have won

you’ll always have my unspoken passion
whilst I dream ways to forge and fashion
a joyful life full of meaning to spend together
to run the course, have each other as tether

*1 in my mind
*2 same ending words as the first 2 lines of sing a song of freedom by Cliff Richard
*3 elp song

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