Essays to a Swan

To Hold

Shasa, Nov 12 2017

I take thee to be my prime mover, to have and to hold, sharing joys and sorrows, oscillating, as we find that life thats illuminating

Steadfast in our love and in a quest to have in life only the best of our dreams as we fill our cup to fill and overflow

To find the hidden treasures Shiva and Shakti left for us to find and us to conjugate that love in all tenses and parts of speech

To begin the siege of Angband untill every thrall is liberated, daily putting ourselves in harms way as we seek a nobler life for mankind

To be party to the liberation of souls everywhere as we first discover it for ourselves and raise children of the Kingdom

To continue and strengthen that bond that takes lifetimes to truly intertwine and take firm hold of our lives

To procreate and produce more sparks of that divine light, born in an ever sweetening world and who colour it with their individual expression

To raise them as did once Ruby Jean and Billie Lee, truly a gift of wings, the gossamer wings of which dreams are made.

Love only grows with time. So come fast and lets grow wise in the ways of the earth, stretching time to infinity until the music shall be played aright.

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