Essays to a Swan


Toi et l’autre (you and the other). Written in Pondicherry after a short visit to my Guru’s Ashram, Shasa, 9th Sep 2017

to he who hast been the material envelope of our master
and she the executrix of that divine will and sanction
together for 30 years they hewed their way through virgin forests
pioneers them both in trying to bring the divine down into matter

he departed some years before she did to hasten the process from behind the veil
and made a breakthrough eight years later
that each new generation would reap its rewards, more and more entrenched in that grand vision of tomorrow
a farmer tending his crop with love and virility and certainty that soon shoots would appear

architects together collaborating to bring into the fore a step forward in evolution
that would be as a testament to the ages a veritable springboard from which
we would gain glimpses into the bright future in fits and starts
a light to guide us in the dark, a way paved with love

now another two score years have passed since she left and we seem on the brink
of total annihilation our pilot extinguished with no time to pause and think
to follow our highest right as dictated by that voice from within
the titanic forces abound leaving us empty our promise turned to chagrin

long and hard the days ahead these forces so easily tripping us
slide back we do no saviour comes to redress our griefs and leave us
ready for the next challenge our adversary so daunting
but persevere we shall their memory ever us haunting

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