Essays to a Swan


Touched, Shasa – 3 June 2017

woe unto he who lives a life
devoid of bliss, for bliss there is even amidst strife
dwell we do in a pool of pain
unable to find the will to live again

sorrow comes to strike away the crud
we’ve covered ourselves with – fallen in mud
sorrow and joy, joy and sorrow, we oscillate
failing to find that life to illuminate

noor its called, like a 100 splendid suns *1
a vision so grand as to embrace everyone
the cycle wears on, the drama is wrought
good things and bad things so dearly we’ve bought *2

experiences so engraved in our minds
emotions that linger in all shapes and kinds
love blossoms in our heart for that illimitable creator
who gives us a part in the human theater

shorn of all hope and beginning to despair
we find that divine spark and start to care
for things big and small and people who stand
firm in their faith, touched by His hand

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*2 –

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