Essays to a Swan


Shasa, Nov 2016

A heart like yours should always be surrounded by loved ones
A mind like yours should burst with creativity and determination
to see all including the least of your dreams come true.

Do actions for the sake of yourself and the ones that surround you.
Stay away from negative thoughts and protect yourself
for you are special beyond measure.

Laugh as you drink in life with its gifts and treasures.
Lead and give purpose to our strivings
Heal and give rest to the weary and the less fortunate.

Talk of lives full of toil and the worship to be found in work.
Dream of things fantastic and weave them into your life.
Let love be the driving force in your life, today and forever more.

May the rest of your days be peaceful and joyous.
Calm and met with aplomb and grace.
May His bounties and Her blessings shower you with love.

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