Essays to a Swan


Wistfulness – Shasa, 25 Apr 2017

“How I’d love to hear the choir
In the chapel in the moonlight” *1
where we may meet and kindle fire
and joy to fill our hearts with delight

Juliet! Juliet! wherefore art thou
a companion new-born amidst timelessness
to sit atop branch and bough
and mark time with tender wistfulness

that you may appear to save me from despair
a kindred spirit to hold oh so close
in your loving arms i would declare
that your fragrance methought a rose

what will we do to fulfil this lifetime
weve spent searching for the other
in woods mayhap a glimpse sublime
in dreams I’ll see you till forever

oh my what this, o life
come now and appear my dear
weave spells to quell our strife
all lifes trials we shall endure

*1 – Dean Martin

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