Fly Up


Ace, 7th March 2020, Imran

An Ace you were, an angel here on Earth
The tears from inside me burst forth
As I think of your paw tracks in the snow
Oh, Ace, how you made all our hearts glow

It’s rather hard to bear the loss of a loved one
With not enough doggy love, what have we won
We’ve added years to life but I remember your ears
Prick up when we spoke – I remember them with tears

You taught us to love so very, very unconditionally
Gladness filled my heart when you barked soulfully
I can never see the snow again with hearing your wuff
Wont you come back shower us again with your luff

The big baby of the family you were, a house blessing
I can picture you scraping at my door asking me to sing
Sing out loud as I left all my cares by the way
You showed us how to dance… and to sway

Our time together was short but I remember it all so well
You wove magic in our lives, had us under your spell
I know when I see people around I’ll look for a strain of you
Has a year really passed since from our midst you bid adieu!