Fly Up


Brahmasole, in search of inner light we labour
As we together try and savour every flavour
I’ve loved you now for quite many days
Longingly do I wait for your dazzling rays

To shine on me and make my heart take wing
Wilst I this year buy you a wedding ring
Of 5 metals as I know will bring you calm
As you find value in this boy so soft and warm

Diamonds are not forever only my love is
For let go this lust for money and find bliss
As I’ve found it in your arms sweetestheart
Remember I’m the smith kindling you with my art

I look for a strain of you wherever I go
With your light I make it to and fro
Money doesn’t hold me in sway
Let’s, guided by angels, find our own way

The rat race is hurtful let’s leave it aside
Take heart from warriors fallen by the side
And win with heart a hare and tortoise race
Where daily with courage we lovingly embrace