Fly Up


Castles, Oct 30th, for F

One evening I was at a dance, when you caught my eye
My pulse raced as I thought of a future for you and I
My pen flowed like mad as I thought of days with you
Days filled with wonder as we found a love that’s true

We took a year to fall truly madly deeply in love
Our hearts beat as one, our dreams interwove
Until we knew not where the other began or we ended
A simple love, truly blissful, past hurts all a mended

I remember early mornings spent in each other’s arms
Nights of frenzied love making, leaving deep warms
Where our hearts melted as we looked across and saw
Smiles reflected, the grandeur of love filled us with awe

I’m back to writing fiction now, it’s you I long to see
Again in my minds eye, young and wild and carefree
Will we meet again, tender as was our first contact
Will time help us find that together was our best act

I’d like to enter your regal castle and start a fire there
A warm hearth in which to shuffle of any worldly care
I wonder if our thirst for each other we shall ever slake
I feel complete at your side so of your love let me partake