Fly Up


Edible, 8th Jan 2020, For F

I long to embrace you, hold you until the end of eternity
Hold you tight in my arms, so warm with your ecstasy
Lift me, take this battered heart of mine, oh make it sing
With warm delight, so very elated it does but spring

Into a wonderful tomorrow, a place where it does dance
Have we dared it all together, taken a chance on chance
15 short years ago we shared a table at a bar
Now I sit alone and wonder where we are

Won’t you have me back, take me deep within your being
Make me hold you tight, as joyously you give everything
A man can ask for, tenderly touched by your smooth hand
Let’s lay by the sea, our chests heaving upon the sand

When we make love, fiery sparks fly from our fingertips
I kiss your skin so thoroughly, exploring with my lips
You kiss me back and ask me to delicately nibble your ear
I give you head and beg of you to be mine year after year

I’ve never tasted anything so sweet as you in summer
There nothing on Earth that I so madly do treasure
Come be mine again, hold me to your chest
As I delight to dine on you, edible at its best