Fly Up


Forever 10th Jan 2020 – for F

I keep thinking about the days when we would meet
On a quiet Monday when my heart would skip a beat
As I walked upto the spot where I’d wait for you
When the day was bright and the sky was so blue

The last time we met I penned the piece Linger Near
Which talks of losing loved ones so near and so Dear!
That I remember brought us together for a year before
I wrote Prayer Rebirth for your beloved grandmother

I’ve never felt as elated as when seeing you made me
Are we destined to stay separate for the rest of eternity
It’s a year now since I promised mom I’d look out for you
I tremble at the thought that she’s lately feeling blue

What can we do to bear the grief that parting brings
Even though we stay together when a new day springs
How do I look after a ghost from my distant past
When I dont know if she wants what we had to last

We were the best of friends and gave each other a smile
And put ourselves to the task of living joyously yet awhile
3 years have passed and I know I want you beside me
A girl to be with forever, who’ll weave magic till eternity