Fly Up


Hills – 24th Jan 2020, for F

I see far into the future, the 2 of us walking into the sunset
The road goes on, the rain comes, making it all very wet
The sun comes up and we walk on, between two hills
Oh baby, you know you give me spine tingling thrills

How I hunger to forever have you at my side
I know you hunger for me, open your arms wide
I feel a glimpse of heaven when I see your face
With your lips on mine, my pulse begins to race

So many years have passed and I still stand rapt
Enmeshed in your love, my train of thoughts so apt
I hunger for you, come make your home beside me
Lets make splendid love, as I stroke your cheek gently

And wonder at the love that emanates from you
My heart feels warm and tingly, our days not few
Rather they stretch into a far distant eternity
When I wonder will you, my love come back to me

Short were our days and pleasant was our embrace
I constantly think of you, my pulse begins to race
I hope I’m never cured of this malady that strikes me
Loving you every minute, until the end of eternity