Fly Up


The Voice of Krishna, 17th Sep, Imran

Creation follows when we release the grip of the past
Build a future bright, one that will really and truly last
Responsibility we learn as we ride the waves of life
Decide quickly and don’t back down for any strife

Stress management is important, know your pressure valves
It separates the truly happy from the run of the mill haves
Qualities of top achievers are many, look for inspiration around
Learn to think on their wavelength as your spirit doth abound

Commitment is the name of the game, that and steadfastness
Make sure to plan your day, and adapt to the change in plans
Team work will get you far in life, make sure the bond runs true
Be sure of those around you, it’ll help you to never be blue

Goal setting is important, make sure you have a sound plan
Then you’ll build a fantastic life, become an outstanding man
Self esteem is important, want or lack of it can certainly kill
I’ve seen many a summer to know it gives an elation and thrill

Self realization will come to those who live in the moment
Looking to be the best they can, feisty as a rabbit
Being human give the most reward so spare your self the time
To resonate with the moment past for then your life sublime