Fly Up

No More Sadness

No more sadness, Nov 30, for L

We lie in gentle silence, your body close to mine
What wonder its been to have your love on me shine
I take you to bed and we feel our hearts entwine
What feelings you evoke, as our love we mine

And distill the essence of sweet love as I taste you
From neck to toe, as completely I devour you
So hold me close as dreams we build a few
Our hearts beating as one, though really two

You lay in my arms and relax as slowly time passes
As we sit on stone benches amidst the tall grasses
What joy abounds as we raise a toast with our glasses
A love that’s more profound than that of the masses

My fingers tremble as they think of touching your skin
Dearie, kiss me, light up my heart with that lively grin
Lets make our own music, our refuge against the din
Know joys unbounded as we the sovereign kingdom win

Face to face, Heart to heart, body to body
My heart surges forth as I think naughtily of thee
My lips moist as it explores you so deeply
Is it nearing midnight, or is is already past three