Fly Up

Non Duality

Non Duality, 11 Jan 2020 – for Mohan Ram

We want the best for our newborn daughters and sons
When asleep, we long contemplate on their buddha face
We strive so hard to bring them up with a dash of fun
We wonder how will they ever survive the dogged rat race

A race we’re caught in but spare every moment for them
And watch as they grow and carve out their own little space
What solace in this harsh harsh world we get from them
Its scary to wonder at the very many trials they’ll face

Its a good 10 years now since your Buddha came into your life
I remember meeting you last when Buddha 2 was an infant
How are your sons now its a year since I heard their voice
I think often of you friend, the past we shared gone in an instant

Are we no longer youthful? Ugly big cars that can’t climb a hill?
Or will equipoise find us and help us ride the waves and glide?
Will we always be bathroom singers, our voices shrill?
Or find the rhythm in life and learn to take everything in stride?

A fathers wish I remember now, that his son glimpse beyond
the dualities where he can find a perfect, perfect world
Advaita I wish will reveal its secrets to he who holds the primal sound
And see the other side as Ananda leaves us spell bound