Fly Up


While the dance goes on to music thats so loud
May we find some stillness, seated upon a cloud
Even if just a moments worth for Samadhi we seek
And find it for a fraction of a second while we sleep

With just that fraction we find beauty in this world
Some inner warmth to shut out nightmares so cold
That warmth spreads as gladness we do indeed find
As we still for a moment, our restless outer mind

Do I mean for you to meditate, yes indeed I do
I ask for you to think of good things, not a few
Remember gratitude for God’s bounties that abound
As in wonder you walk along, listening for the sound

Of your indwelling spirit, may it possess you utterly
As you learn to skip along, so completely merrily
Rejoice as some do, those who’ve glimpsed the truth
That our maker in us dwells, so sink your last tooth

Into the wonder that is this life, sing along merrily
Forget the losses along the path, sing along gladly
Remember that in silence lies the potential of the morrow
Come rest you limbs in His arms, forget every sorrow