Fly Up


Sway, Feb 8 – for F

You are the dawn that pushes the night away
Hold me in your arms and let’s dance and sway
So many years it is since you touched my heart
How I have loved you, right from the very start

I look at your picture, my knees go weak
Life without you beside me is utterly bleak
What do I do to win you back to my side
I wish I could be with you and ride the tide

Of life, full of its ups and downs. But with you
Lord knows I’ll never be bogged down and blue
Come back to me dear, let’s have fun again
As I lay by your side, I keep wondering when

We’ll ride the storms of love again. Be mine
And I’ll set a fire to warm this heart of thine
The story wears on of two lovers now apart
Who filled each other’s lives with plenty of art

You were my dawn baby, come back and see
If you can resurrect what little’s left of me
I fear I wont last long if I don’t see much of you
Come back and stop me, from being so blue