Fly Up


Wet, 16 Sep, Imran

How I’d love to give you a wet, lingering kiss tonight
Make love to you under a million stars so bright
Make love until dawn lifts her dazzling head
Come crawl under the sheets in our cozy bed

Watch over you as you sleep my pretty little baby
Wake you up and ask you to take me deep within thee
Lady starlight let’s make frenzied love tonight
Kiss each other sweetly, fill our heart’s delight

Are you thinking of me as I nibble upon your ear
Give you head until your wet as can be my dear
Down I go again to shower my woman with love
Taken in by your glow as you coo like a dove

It’s raining outside, stirring our passions this night
Hold me close to you heart, turn off the light
Feel the thunder as the lightning lights up the sky
Steal a kiss from my lips as we sit and wonder why

We didn’t meet 20 years ago and find bliss sooner
Baby I found it at your side, my cares rent asunder
Now hold me dear sweetestheart of mine
Let me remind you that I’ll forever be thine