Poetrusic by Chaos


Advaith or Non Duality, 31 May

At 17 we’re so sure we know the world
And true that is to some extent
But as every decade thence closes
we marvel at new insights on life

When I was your age, I knew what I would be
An engineer someday bright as could be
Now dont worry if it takes time to let
The playful child within you give way to a young man

Remember he needs emotion so burst out into song
Remember family that are your windows to the world
Remember its God who calms your ragged heart
So make your life King size – live it to the most

Waste an ounce of life but do not regret
For yesterday’s eagerness may seem folly today
What the hay, we have plenty of years ahead
Make sure to feel every moment that passes by

Find a purpose in life and I think the most important
Is to give meaning to your parents’ toils so be kind
To them as the years fly by, love to the limits
And then some as you loudly sing your truth