Poetrusic by Chaos


Charmaine – 9 May

A lady I knew at her death bed, a fighter she had been
Her husband told me not to fear, always follow my dream
They had loved each other strongly and for very long
He’d stolen her heart with ice cream. Be strong

She said to him, dont give up till the twins are settled
Margaret and Maryanne have much to give the world
Like me they will teach children with much affection
And raise fine children of the kingdom, so smile

And show them what it means to finish strong
Show them the power of what prayer can do for one
Who stays true to the core of their being
Wait until your grandchildren are born and then look for me

For I shall tarry on the other side until our sons in law have built a home with them
Then our journey together we shall resume as our family
Looks for a strain of us in all that they can see

I’m left now with these wonderful friends
To laugh with, who’ll give nephews and nieces to me
Then one fine day I’ll have my own children and closer we will be
To our lord as we find life was perfect – just what it was meant to be