Poetrusic by Chaos

Choose Life

Choose Life, Imran, 12th Apr 2019

What is this life so fraught with pain
We have not the will to live again
Face another day, they cant all be black
And sorrowful, don’t ever go back

Stop the commentary as Eckhart Tolle said
Make it quieten and forward be led
The pain is cathartic so give it a shot
Then come back to life, do grow a lot

Suicide is difficult so think not about it
It only makes matters worse so be fit
And take life by the balls and lead it your way
To pastures painless, where no Devil holds away

What for this life if a friend cannot show up
Or family absconds as we drink our woeful cup
But stay the course for there is healing in time
A healing that show us that life’s truly sublime

When we choose who we let enter our lives
No bitterness remains, no cutting with knives
Of the last strands with which we cling onto life
For immortal our spirit, indomitable we amidst strife