Poetrusic by Chaos

Dear Lover

Dear Lover, Imran, 12th Apr 2019

I once made to hold the hand of a maia I didst know
Who gently pulled back and said my love couldn’t grow
For we’d pushed it to the brink, given everything we had
And fallen short somewhere, but suddenly I was glad

That I could count on the love of a friend that I had found
Whose smile could lift my mood, make me go around
Any obstacle that life threw at me, peace pervaded me
Made me wonder what I had done to be so full of glee

Now I sit and wonder how to explain her to the girl
I want to marry. Who sets my head and heart awhirl
She fears that this older love may return someday
To rob us of a future, hold my heart in sway

One friend, one lover, how can they ever worry
That each will fail to bring out the best in me
Friend, a special place you’ll always have in my heart
Just like that other fellow I’ve grown to live without

But lover do be sure your always gonna be with me
As we walk down the aisle my heart so full of glee
Just give me time to lay your fears to a final rest
As I set out to give you my mindful, joyous best