Poetrusic by Chaos


Distance, Imran, 26th Apr 2019. For M

I understand now distance and the sorrow it brings
To be separated from a lover, unable to do things
Together that soothe your heart and give comfort
Parted by fate, saddened and slowly losing heart

But gone are the ages of letters when our parents
Could not see each other, feel each other’s presence
We have now a camera and can speak all day
But the distance still robs us of words to say

Fast is life and extremely hard on the couple
That finds separation breaking the bubble
They have no alternative but to make of their plight
A seeming togetherness with a phone always in sight

A test this distance of the depths to which we’ll go
To stay together, our hearts pure as driven snow
As we stay the course hoping at journey’s end to find
We stuck with the right partner, who unravelled our mind

And find to our delight a love that was timeless
As we invented ways to spend our togetherness
What joy to behold as united we are
A testament to love so near yet so far