Poetrusic by Chaos

Heal Your Heart

Heal Your Heart, Imran, 12th Apr 2019

I just called to say I love you, I just called to say I care
From the bottom of my heart I wish you’re always there
Right beside me as I find ways to look after you
Keep you from finding the wrong side of blue

What can I say to heal your sorrowful heart again
Except to love me, forget the past and its pain
Focus on the now and build a future together
As we work fervently and new dreams gather

Too much love will kill you in the end they say
But love me tender as we turn night into day
And day into night, lost in our own universe
Where lovers go to compose their own verse

So full of life we are in these days of our youth
Let no new sorrow befall, feel sweet and smooth
And complete as we set out to hew a way
Be sure to learn fast as music we do play

If I may make a prayer, it is simply this
That you my love should know only bliss
Forget the past be happy for as long as you live
Can you this poor boy, find it in you to forgive