Poetrusic by Chaos


Hugs, Jul 21 & Aug 4

2 hugs I promised you I owed last year
One for painfully being made to shed a tear
One for a horrible relationship that soon will end
When pater can no longer drive you around the bend

I served him food this morning and saw a side of him
That makes me wonder why a devil warps him
And makes him do things hurtful to you all
Instead of standing in your life sweet and tall

Why do men fall into vice and neglect family I wonder
Is it so hard to not make of life a bloody blunder
Why cant you tell me just what he did to you three
Because to help heal wounds I’d gladly do with glee

I guess some broken things even time cannot heal
All the best, make something of mamma’s vidzeal
It’s your heart, pristine and pure that will soon heal
As you take on life’s new challenges with much zeal

So remember this friend wishes you very well
As a new chapter u’ve begun, so weave a spell
And make of your life something splendid and super
As tomorrows you face with grace – find the cure!