Poetrusic by Chaos


Listen, Imran, 26th Apr 2019. For M

Let me listen to the sound of your quiet breathing
Grasp you tight, watch you dance into the night
Wake at dawn to the sound of birds a singing
Hear you sing to them a song of bright sunlight

In which the moon slowly lulls herself to sleep
Come hold me dearie as your hand I take
Let’s escape from dangers as one we creep
Toward the light as a thousand suns awake

Do you know the lengths to which I’d go to have
You beside me forever and a day. I’d reach the stars
Carry you on my shoulders gaily, be my most suave
Fill you with a mirthful laugh as I slowly hum the bars

Of a song I wrote for you on the banks of the sea
Every time I look at you, I think of all we can do
Together as we run the course, dazed and carefree
Let our love blossom as raptly I adore all of you

I’d love to hear your soft and gentle breathing
Make love to you in all kinds of stormy weather
Build of life a cozy little corner, show something
Lasting as we live to the full, each other as tether