Poetrusic by Chaos


Madly, Imran, 26th Apr 2019. For N

Love you madly, truly and deeply I do
As I keep looking for a strain of you
I believe we have what it takes to make
A song together as from this life we take

The best it offers and in strength ride the rest
But keep their memory for they were a test
That taught us to be strong and grateful to He
Who grants us grace and succour, letting us be

Fragments of infinity, uniquely beautiful
A blending of smiles and tears by His will
I hope you still find in me the man you wanted
Whose love has powers to keep you delighted

Madly I love you as you must’ve known all along
Come back to my arms where you truly belong
Good times come afresh. I promise to you
I’ll protect you from troubles, stick like glue

Let’s make of this life a Heaven on Earth
As for our dreams, we watch them give birth
As the Noldorins sought to find joy through sadness
Let’s forget the past, find new sources of gladness