Poetrusic by Chaos


Maia, Imran, 12th Apr 2019

Philos was a friend I knew but I mistook him for another
And from the ensuing confusion I nearly lost a girl I knew
She wanted me to know we hadn’t a future together
Except one of friendship, which now I begin to renew

Timeless is her beginnings for she of the race of maiar
Who played into being this Earth where we dwell
Along with countless others, musicians from Eru’s lair
As per master Niggle, this story we begin to tell

Woman you enchant me, have from the very start
I think it was your smile as you threw back your hair
When do we get back to when our lives had art
As on afternoons we spoke happily with nary a care

I wonder now if I ever touched your heart
As you did mine I suppose I was just full of life
But something special in you drew me out
Made me think of dusting off my old fife

My instrument that brings me closer to you
As two musicians can weave images together
That make the world seem less dreary, not blue
Music to bind the world, strong as gossamer