Poetrusic by Chaos


Smile, Jul 15th, for Shobi

It’s time to get the mix right, then explode like dynamite!

Dearest Shobi,

3 short years we’ve known each other
I wish you well in any kind of weather
You’ve stood by me in thick and thin
Buttered my bread, made me grin

Thanks for visiting with mom last week
I saw my mom smile amidst her bleak
I think she’s better now but am not too sure
Why I have to hurt her when to me she’s dear

I’ll see you Tuesday before I leave to see
My 2 clients who are waiting to receive me
And then perhaps my love for now she’s back
From that dreaded boss who deserves a smack

Smile when you see this, as once again I rhyme
For I’m now adept at a written art so sublime
Can we sit down and make a poem together
Its easy to do so, and can make u feel better

Write of dungeons and dragons like Smaug
And evenings in woods, lost in a heavy fog
Remember that poems touch deep to the core
Leave you begging, simply begging for more!


5th may…

Thank you Shobi for being there
Making me know that you care
Listening to me as I dreamt on
Supporting me until my dawn

We sensed a goodness in each other
And built a friendship on top of that
Now let’s always have cause to remember
That goodness is meant to be shared