Poetrusic by Chaos


Sorrow, Imran, 26th Apr 2019. For Dr Mahdi

I know not grief, not yet heart wrenching grief
For my losses have been little in a life so brief
I dont know what it is to live without parents
I fight with mine, forgetting I’ve only moments

Left with a father I know so very unfairly little
For he was always busy putting food on the table
I dont know where to start, seemingly in a muddle
I’ve made a mess of life and stand now in a puddle

He says to me “dont fret, think and find a way
Many a time I too have wanted to run away
Then I thought and said for baby I’ll be strong
And then a path unfolded before very long”

“Sometimes I grasped at straws but dont forget
They keep your hopes up, so have never a regret”
I wonder what stupidity kept us two souls apart
As I look at the time left to mend a broken heart

“Give him strength” we said as our eyes held sway
Then glanced away as we knew not what to say
I think now often of the friends who said to be
Excellent to your parents in the time left to thee