Poetrusic by Chaos


I know you got soul, Imran, 11 Mar 2019

Peace we seek from cradle to grave
In search of it, endlessly we crave
Within us is its source, from a creator
That smiles kindly from above the theater

Man is in search for his creator, who created us all
Creatures bright and beautiful, great and small
Crazily fast through this drama we run in haste
With eyes closed, open them! lest its all a waste

Our creator asks us only to be mindful of his majesty
Which is without and exceeds the universe so let him be
Chained to us, as is every atom to every other
Oh life with its wonderful, wonderful living splendour

By chaining is total freedom because as in our little pond
So is the billows of the ethereal and eternal sea – a wand
We find in the depths of time in which to be
Likened to each other in glory, not misery

Soul is the lodestone resonator that is boundless
It’s likened to a harpischord that makes life seamless
For in love we are linked to all of eternity
Come be mine, in struggle and joyful plenty