Poetrusic by Chaos


Superman, Imran, 10th Apr 2019.

All along I read the comic not realising it was pater
Who dwarfed other men, men of lesser character
For some quirk of life kept me from looking within
To see the man mirrored in his father’s grin

A grin that told of past joys and sorrows
And of plentiful picnics on verdant meadows
Picnics which he’d caused to glisten in a while
As his family he took care of, often with a smile

All along I wondered what was the secret of life
Then I saw my father, look tenderly at his wife
Then look to me secretly pleased that I would succeed
Where life had been harsh on him, planted with a seed

To magnify the wonderful nature that he brought to us
As time and again I realise he is the best of us
What can I say except papa I’ll do my best in life
If I have but a 10th of what you have in a wife

That 10th I think I have found in a little girl
Who fiercely loves me tenderly, our fate in a swirl
Look back and be happy for no other price could be
Paid. For love recycles fast as we new frontiers do see