Poetrusic by Chaos

Sweetest Heart

Sweetest Heart, Imran, 12th Apr 2019

Sweetestheart I love thee stronger with each day
Or maybe the word is deeper – let’s often make play
And run beside each other in glades and parks
What love you give, fiery as a shower of sparks

What did I ever do to deserve your splendid love
Which shines on me, fits my heart like a glove
A fount of blessings from which to divine
My way forward, oh you like summer wine

Hearken to my heart which bids me take ur hand
Clasp it to my bosom and say baby, understand
That it’s been the most touching experience
To have you beside me, heady as frankincense

Let me count the ways you’ve touched my life
What’s the point unless I take you to wife
And fulfil the journey together until the end
Our hearts beating as one, our bodies do blend

Into a single entity as together we make love
Find a place to rest in comfort, as in a palm grove
Whatever the place or time I’m always ready
To have you with me, our paths firm and steady