Poetrusic by Chaos


Weaverbirds, Imran, 18th August

7up and eating my fill used to give me a lot of pleasure
Now I’m overweight so let me skip my way to leisure
A rope I bought today and now it’s time to hit the pillow
For tomorrow I’ll drive a friend to a nearby willow

She wants to know how to drive a car
I’m not sure if she’ll get to office so far
Doggies show unconditional love, they are a delight
Neighbours sometimes need someone to turn on the light

Good friends are rare they become as family
And invite you home where you can laugh merrily
In spirit you toil to make them feel happy
For love knows no bounds – knows only glee

A lamp you light and read aloud a prayer
To bless them as they together build a lair
A bunch of niggles to see through the day
And at night a quiet walk and the time to say

Life is short so spend your time together
Remember the Lord in any kind of weather
Enjoy the good, stay steadfast through the bad
And for life’s bounties forever be glad