Spontaneous Love


Babble, Shasa, 30 June 2018

750 thoughts jostled for expression at once
They phased and epoched in a dance
Of words and feelings – not one out of tune
In time to the music, shimmering like ye old rune

A scabbards-worth of runes, which begs the question –
Is the pen truly mightier than the sword? Is it the fashion
That the sword shall not rule as much as before
Let sailor cast away from his warship, find the way to shore

Sailors and warriors unite to find passage
To the kingdom – oh that old adage
That when man smites at his innards he shall find
A kingdom… of God? Are you out of your mind?

What better journey than to lead the wayfaring stranger
To journeys end betwixt the stars – in that heavenly ether
Writers, philosophers and poets… ah truly the forerunner
Reflecting the artist in you and in your Heavenly Father

Who consorted with Shekinah or Mother Nature
Shakthi in her guise as creatrix – sweet and pure
A void thats no void at all but throbs in wonder
Creation, all of it – such cosmological splendour