Spontaneous Love


for Tejas, 5th Mar 2018

a blessing you are to us, a gift from above
sweet as ambrosia, though a mite tiny yet
our fervent wish that your heart soar like a dove
into timeless tomorrows, that ever will set

your feet on the path to the divine.
a path full of panache and daring
strewn with moments sublime
an act of love, scented with caring

for all whom you meet and enliven,
whispers intuition in your ears that love should be
the force that binds us, pure as the driven
snow, hardy should He make one such as thee

a strong young soul, a breath of fresh air.
with a thirst to slake, and reach a new height
o, twice blest, this baby boy i see and do declare
that he shall to his lot be a wonderful delight

more children will come of his like and stature
a new generation of this manifold blest
a salve to our hears, finding a way in nature
loving us tenderly, from high east to high west