Spontaneous Love

Captured Heart

Imran, 20th Mar 2019

Baby who sets my pulse racing and my heart aflutter
Can I ever explain what it is that makes me love her
Love unto eternity as does a doe her kid
Me wonders am I worthy as I make a bid

That she and I should be together for all of eternity
Snatching moments of ecstasy her so very witty
As makes me laugh from the depths of my being
A love that’s forever as is a platinum wedding ring

Methinks we’re destined to be utterly entwined
A love that engulfs us both, holding us enshrined
In words, gestures and deeds that sets us apart
Oh woman, cant you see you’ve captured my heart

By your side I shall be always with a steady hand
For you to lean on and I to hold a witches wand
That weaves spells to make our hearts beat as one
A oneness that springs from a frolicsome fun

That facing lifes trials we shall always have a smile
That cause crinkles in our eyes and for a long while
I’ll always want you at my side to make of life
Pregnant moments as we find bliss amidst strife