Spontaneous Love

Cosmic Shiva

Imran, 20th Jul 2018

There are 3 qualities of nature – wisdom, dynamism and inertia
As master of time, one that helps conquer the lower is Lord Shiva
Rudra, Shankara, Chokka, his symbol is the phallus
actually a black stone, representing the formless

Each of us is blest with a different combination of these gunas or modes
The cycle of creation, sustenance and deconstruction teaches us loads
Saatva for the one who believes in a higher cosmic connect
Pure virtue and goodness that touches and animates a few select

Easy to fill your thoughts with Lord Vishnu or Krishna in all his mirth
The King of dynamism who so oft looses himself in human birth
For whenever there is a fading of the Dharma he rises
Not a harsh judge, ever so softly he makes us make promises

To love our neighbours and set all lower tendencies aside
Burn our ignorance with the awakening of the Guru inside
That Guru that burns away the unreal and half-truths is Shiva
Without him who sanctions and witnesses, creation were nada [Spanish for nothing]

Worshipping this 3 eyed Lord means burning away the very body – Gayathri
Burn away with intensity, leave nothing of it for you or me
To drag on into another birth for without tamas begins a spree
Lord Brahma shines forever with his Sattwa, a part of Thee