Spontaneous Love

Dear Lady

Dear Lady [Can you hear the wind blow] [Led Zeppelin]
A tribute to the [many] love songs quoted from below
Shasa, 6th April 2018

Dear lady, love me tender [Elvis Presley]
Wrap your arms around me [uncredited]
Fill up my senses like a mountain [John Denver]
Let not suns set upon arguments [Savage Garden]

Sway with me [Dean Martin]. Be my baby [Dirty Dancing]
Is it too hard to see we’re in heaven [Bryan Adams]
Ritorna me for my love I am sorry [Dean Martin]
Touch the clouds above [Jo Dee Messina]

Bring to life your fantasies [Jo Dee Messina]
Wrap your love around me [Jimmy Messina]
A fool searches for some heaven in the sky [ELP]
Were just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl [Pink Floyd]

The beating of my heart is a drum […and its lost]
And its looking for a rhythm like you [Air Supply]
With a million stars all around [The Eagles]
Wherever you go ill be two steps behind [Def Leppard]

Walk the wire for you yeah I’d die for you [Bryan Adams]
Now I only have to hear your voice [Air Supply]
Moonlight and roses bring memories of you [Jim Reeves]
Tell your favourite old wishing star [Cliff Richard]