Spontaneous Love

Field Of Truth

Imran, Tues, 13 Mar 2018

To be a Muslim living in the land that invented harmony
Where we internalize the conflicts of the world
In order to breathe a new spirit of oneness
In the times and climes that agitate this pale blue dot

Ah the love and peace Mohammed intended
Just like the Kurukshetra, the Jihad is within
A fight for truth and justice, once again within
For what higher commandment than to Love Thy Neighbour

And live in the lap of God, a peace and submission surreal
Not for the faint of heart this journey with its ups and downs
Struggles without, with the foolish masses being swayed
Away from their true nature of prem and bhakti (read love and devotion)

The creed of the Aryan fighter, to stand for Dharma
Aspire to a higher calling of the Divine that says
“Do my work and shrink not from its pleasant nor unpleasant
For equanimity is the highest aspiration, that, and equipoise”

So be not afraid to be labelled a Muslim or a Hindu or a Christian.
Do not sink to the level of the stereotype
Rather rise higher than the clouds above
Reach heaven, and touch God’s face